Pak Afarin medical Group Company, registered under No. 85519 in Tehran province, beginnings to obtaining a license to build a hospital with 200 beds in a land with an area of 3771.66 square meters in Shahrak-e Gharb and the total space is 20569 square meters. That after obtaining the initial license, since 1384 started working under the supervision of consultants and domestic and foreign experts and with the constant supervision of experienced engineers.

Project consultant engineers at the same time as the project implementation, considered new construction technologies in relation to the modification of the structural maps that subsequently, a change has been made at the height of the floors and the implementation of a pre-tiled roof structure, that is the new technology in high-rise buildings.

In the following, In 1388, to increase the medical and commercial spaces, the license received to expand up to a maximum of 22065.75 square meters. This building has been built on 13 floors, under consideration of all healthcare departments, that in the northern part used concrete structures and in the southern part used metal structures. And the commercial space is also 1008.5 square meters.

At the moment, the company is obtaining a license from the municipality of district to increase the area to 26479 square meters. It should be noted that the physical progress of the whole work is still 35% and all necessary permissions such as systematic consent, architectural Maps confirmation and the first phase of sewage plans have received from the Ministry of Health.







Currently this hospital consists of the north and south parts, with a total area of 26479 square meters that is at the stage of obtaining permission from municipality of district to expand up to 294.294 square meters.

Northern structure

Northern part of the Pak hospital is a concrete structure with 2 underground floors, ground floor and 8 floors above ground  and generally includes commercial, banking, bedridden, surgeries, drug store, angioplasty, CCUs, ICUs, VIPs, and more sections.

Southern Structure

Southern part of the Pak hospital is a metal structure with 4 underground floors, and generally includes radiotherapy, water supply, engine room, parking lots, women’s clinic and more sections.

The above-mentioned specialized Hospital build up according to the new standards and the technology of the day with all facilities and equipment. In addition, is intending to use the best materials to create a quiet surroundings for both internal and external architecture.

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