As the business world becomes increasingly global, Meraat Arya is destained to manage its impact on the company’s operations and business trends actively. Given this, Meraat Arya has cumulated its effort to introduce” Supply Chain Management” into day to day operations in order to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Meraat Arya is specialized in food products. Pistachio nut is the fruit of pistachio tree (Pistacia Vera L.) which belongs to the dark sumac (Anacardiaceae) family. Pistachio is one of the most important oilseeds. Its components are kernel and crust. Crust includes a firm portion called shell and a soft upper portion called hull. Pistachio kernel includes a green kernel that has a sweet taste.

Pistachio trees have been long cultivated in different parts of Iran. Meraat Arya Co. , as a leading supplier of Pistachio in Iran, is reputable for producing different types  of pistachio including Round(Fandoghi), Jumbo(Kalleh Ghounchi), Long(Ahmad Aghaei), Super long(Akbari) and Badami.


Round(Fandoghi) pistachio:

This type of pistachio is One of the best known and the most widespread one produced in Iran. Meraat Arya Co. is capable of supplying this type of pistachio in sizes of 26-28/28-30/30-32 and 32-34.

Jumbo(Kalleh Ghonchi):

Jumbo is the largest of its kind which is  produced in Iran. Our company is capable of supplying this type of pistachio in following sizes:18-20/20-22/22-24

Long(Ahmad Aghaei):

This kind is normally harvestable in mid-September and Meraat Arya Co. is supplying this type of pistachio in sizes of 22-23/24-26/26-28

Super Long(Akbari):

Like Ahmad Aghaei type, Akbari is harvested around September with the sizes of 20-22/22-24/24-26

Badami pistachio:

This kind is almond-shaped and it is one the very early-ripening types of pistachios which is harvestable in the late July with the following sizes 22-24/24-26/26-28


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