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While the business world is being sophisticated and complicated more and more , The Meraat Int’l Group develops it’s mission for the purpose of thinking and acting in global scale . At this age , it acts both roles of the producer and the supply chain’s Captain (Leader) in many fields from Oil-by products to gold coins.

Moreover Meraat Group has been known as an effective , important and famous member of Iran’s economy try to drop (decrease) the barriers and limitations of trade .

Certainly these successes have been accomplished by an intelligence management and non-stop efforts during these years.

There is no doubt , we strive to show you the best ways of business and provide the best Quality for your life’s road (moments).

We believe in our mission because we believe in our capabilities, strengths and experiences.

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A dynamic international group of companies

A dynamic international group of companies

Active in several sectors of the Iranian & International market

with over 27 years of experience

Meraat International

Meraat International

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Meraat Exports:

   Base Oil    
   Fuel Oil   
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